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We pride ourselves in providing the very best in customer service. We take care of our customers' needs by delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customers' requirements are met.

 EC-FPC is two friends who came together to do more than just  start a business, we wanted to fill a void in a way other  companies couldn't compete, by providing excellent customer  service.


 Based out of Brooklyn New York, we provide service to all five  boroughs as well as Philadelphia, New Jersey and Connecticut. 


 Both owners have backgrounds in customer  service.    We understand the importance of quality service and customer  care. 

 Our relationships in and around the Film & Television Industry is  what contributes to the success of the company. 


 A friend telling a Colleague, telling a friend.

 In addition to being on time,  professional and courteous to our  customers, we respect and treat each property  and space as if it  were our own. 

 From large stages, commercial spaces to home renovations, no  space is  too small or too large for us to cover & protect.  

 Give us a call today and someone will walk you through the process.

 We will  visit your location to do a walk through of your space to  determine how  much  and what materials you'll need to get the job  done. Photos or floor plans of the job site are acceptable if necessary. 



  Thank you,





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